Feel Good Every Day

Control your thoughts
Your thoughts govern your feelings. The average person has over 40,000 thoughts every day, and almost 90% of these are negative. It is possible to choose which thoughts to have, but how do you do that?

Feel good every day
Optimists live on average eight years longer than pessimists. Researchers say that it is just as bad to be negative as it is to be a smoker and that negative thoughts are harmful to the brain. Which methods and tools can we use to be more positive?

Use the brain
Brain researchers say that the brain was made to be used 40,000 years ago, so how do we really use our brains to feel good today?

Create the best possible life for yourself
Which ingredients do we need in our lives to reach our full potential as humans? How do we manage all the intricacies of life, while getting more time for the things that truly matter to us? How do you really create the best possible life for yourself?

The lecture normally runs for about 1 ½ hours.