May 27, 2012: So, now it was time for one of the great annual events in racketlon – the Swedish championship. This year, it was furthermore played in Gothenburg at my home arena – Alelyckan Sportcenter. Unfortunately, I could not participate in the singles, so I had to focus on the doubles. Last year, I played with Örjan Lundberg from Kumla and we won a surprising victory over world class players and big-time favorites Stefan Adamsson and Christian Wall in the final. Excitement was in the air and when we met our opponents from last year, we could feel their great desire for revenge with every breath we took. This was before the game had started! The quarterfinal went smoothly for us, and then we found ourselves in the semifinal against two of the players in Sweden’s national team: Anders Söderlund and Henrik Håkansson. We start out with a decent game of table tennis, but it is hard for us to come to some kind of closure: 21-19. After that, we play some mediocre badminton, and things were just not falling into place for us – loss with 16-21. Then it was time for squash and I start out playing against Anders. I have 8-3 and get totally worn out, lose points but win nevertheless with 11-9. Örjan takes over and finishes the game, and we win squash after some decent playing with 21-16. This means that we are up by two points when it is time to play tennis. This is it. It should not be any problems, but problems arise. We find ourselves in a position where the score is 19-21, meaning that the game is a tie at the end of the game. In situations like this, you play a deciding point for the whole game, which is referred to as rubber arm. Henrik serves and Örjan hits a return that is somewhat too high, which Henrik more or less just has to touch. But he misses! Now, we are in the final against Adamsson and Wall!

Table tennis 21-17 – a good performance by our opponents. Badminton is played gallantly by us and we win by 21-18. Squash is our opponents’ absolute best event and the result is to be expected: 12-21. Now it was time for tennis, and this was when it all came down. What a focus and what an energy. Minus two points may be considered a tough starting position, considering that Wall is a former Wimbledon player. We start out good, carry on even better and close more or less magical, when we realize that we are Swedish champions for the second year in a row: 21-14 in tennis! Örjan! Surely, it would have been great winning three years in a row. :)

January 9, 2012: Regional championships in Gothenburg, which we won last year against Granberg/Mullamma after a very intense game! This year, I was playing with Daniel Majetic in the final against Granberg/Engström. After a surprising loss in table tennis with 16-21, and after that in badminton with 6-21, things certainly looked bleak for us. After a really good game of squash (21-11) and 10-5 in tennis, we were back on track again and I could smell the gold. Unfortunately, this was not enough and we had to settle with a second place in this year’s regional championship.

November 25: World championship in Vienna – the greatest yearly event in the sport of racketlon! In the second round of the tournament, I am facing one of this year’s favorites – Colum Reid. 20-22 in table tennis, and then I play some really good badminton (17-21), meaning that I am still in the game. But after some less good squash on my part, he finally wins the game and goes on to become world champion.

November 4: This weekend, Gothenburg Open was played, which was extra fun, as the competition was taking place at Alelyckan. On Friday, I played a double with Örjan, and in the final we lost against world-class players Jönsson/Ratzer, although we beat them in three out of four events, which was really good. 21-18, 4-21, 21-18, 11-10 was the final result.

Later on Saturday, I started the singles, where I beat Pär Mattsson in the first game. In the second game, I played a newcomer, Jesper Ratzer, but unfortunately I was completely spent mentally, and the singles ended for me in the quarterfinal this time.

October 17: My body is starting to feel stronger now, and my upcoming goal is playing the world championship in Vienna November 25-27. Along the way, I will also play both the singles and the doubles at Gotheburg Open, which is played at my home arena, Alelyckan, November 4-6.

August 20, 2011: London was a tough tournament. My first game was against the one who was going to win the competition. Unfortunately, I played a lousy game and subsequently lost. Then I was pitted against Jeremy Manners, ranked number seven in the world, whom I beat with 12 points, which was a much better game for me. Then I won two more games, and ended up in the ninth place in the tournament. An OK competition, where I won three out of four games.

Now I doing rehabilitation exercises and weight training, which I will continue to do for six-seven weeks. I then hope to be ready for the next tournament, which will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria.

May 27, 2011: The Swedish championship started with the doubles on Friday. I play together with Örjan Lundberg from Kumla. Unfortunately, we have not had the opportunity to practice together for more than 30 minutes of badminton. But we have talked about tactics a lot, and we have also spent a few hours reading about how to play badminton doubles. Oh, how great – in the first game we are pitted against newly crowned world champions of the senior tour, Håkan Granberg and Peter Bittar. They win table tennis with 14-21 and badminton with 16-21. Really tough, but after a good game of squash (21-13 to us), things looked better ahead of the tennis game: minus four points. We start out incredibly well (8-0), and then we win the tennis game with 21-11, which takes us to the semifinal. This goes by much smoother. On Saturday, I wake up with a sore and aching body, but the motivation and urge to play a final in doubles in the Swedish championship is surging through my body. When I get to the hallway, I meet Örjan and his look says it all. He is raring to go, really raring to go, wanting to be Swedish champion! The game starts at 9:45 with a reasonably good game of table tennis on our part, giving us a lead of six points prior to the game of badminton. Our beginner-level game in the badminton doubles have started to develop into something pretty good, and in the final a firework of great badminton is released by us – at least three levels better than our first game, and we surprisingly win badminton 21-15. I start out squash by beating Wall, followed by a remarkable game of squash played by Örjan against Adamsson. We have become Swedish champions in the doubles. Oh, what a great day – I want to do this again!!!

I had to cut the singles short due to my old injury in my hamstring, but what I remember from the Swedish championship of 2011 is the doubles.
Next tournament is possibly Prague and then I also play the Swedish championship in May.

February 25: Swedish Open was a good tournament for me. Kerstin Pekl from Austria and I got a bronze medal in the mixed class. In the singles I got to the quarterfinal, which I am satisfied with. The quarterfinal turned out to be a really interesting game, where Torsten Deck is ahead seven points prior to the tennis game. I start out horribly bad and is behind by 2-6, but then I start to play some really good tennis. All of a sudden, I am ahead by 15-9 and this has turned out to be a real thriller. I felt that the game was in my hands and that I had him under control, but after a couple of quick points going his way, the final result of the tennis game was 16-15, which meant a loss by six points.

January 9: Today, it was time for a very nice regional championship in the doubles. Last year, Daniel Majetic and I lost in the final, which made us more focused and eager for revenge in this year’s competition. In this year’s final, we are pitted against Granberg/Mullama, who beat us last year. Prior to the tennis game, we are behind by eight points. Considering that we lost last year with 8-17 in tennis, we had a very challenging task ahead of us… But after a victory of 21-11, we were finally the winners in this very exciting final in the regional championship.

Upcoming tournaments are the regional championships in both singles and doubles, which are held in January. Swedish Open is the played in Malmö at the end of February.

December 13: I am now home from a very exciting world championship. I won the first round and was then pitted against Christoffer Kreen – ranked number one in the world. After a narrow loss in both table tennis and badminton, I managed to win an even squash game, giving me an exciting position prior to the tennis game – six points. Unfortunately, Krenn played some very good tennis and won the game. Later, I won my placement games and ended up in place 17 out of 48 participants. Good for being my first time among the elite at the world championship.

November 15: At the end of November, it is time for the singles world championship in Holland.

September 10: I recently made the Swedish national team and on September 3-5, the team world championship was settled.

Austria won on their own court and we ended up sharing the seventh place.