“Mikael is top-notch lecturer. With a great deal of energy he presents a lot of interesting and inspiring aspects delivered at a pleasant pace. He gives you a vast amount of effective methods and tools you can use when face-to-face with all the challenges of everyday living.”

Per Wrangemyr (Head of Sales at Posten (Swedish Mail))

“After having worked in marketing for many years, I have finally found a fresh and knowledgeable salesperson who – with charm, commitment and clever ideas – has always put me as a client in the first seat. Informative meetings that have not always dealt with business, but about a passionate interest in change and smart marketing with good results as the ultimate objective. Mikael is a first-rate salesperson who has finally immortalized his knowledge in paperback size.”

Patrick Ström (Head of Marketing at LMG – Swedish distributor of Panasonic heat pumps)

“Mikael is one heck of a salesperson. We have done business together for ten years, and when I met him the first time it felt as if we became friends instantly. Follow Mikael’s advice and you are guaranteed to become a better salesperson.”

Magnus Holgersson (Head of Marketing at Folkpool – Swedish retailer of swimming pools and related products)

“Mikael has an enormous ability to lift and inspire people. By sharing insightful ideas and through his strong enthusiasm, he has led people to perform at levels they never thought possible. We still to this day talk about his effective coaching and we all eagerly await reading this book.”

Jenny Randau (former supervisory colleague at major Swedish newspaper Göteborgs-Posten)

“Some people are born to sell… Mikael is without a doubt one of them. I have met many salespersons and seen many “sales techniques.” Mikael is always well-prepared and an interested listener, which I believe to be an important aspect of the sales process. He is not too “pushy,” but he always makes sure he closes the deal.”

Per Christiansson (Brand and Marketing Manager at Partner and McCullogh Husqvarna AB)