Reviews of “Feel Good Every Day”

This book is a goldmine for everyone who feels that they want to
change, improve and develop themselves and their lives.
An easy read with much humor and a recognizable scenarios, in addition to concrete exercises and tips on what to do.
Everything is presented in a clear and inspirational way.

Ulrika Gabriel (coach and health motivator)

Have you made the decision to change your life?
Then you should read Feel Good Every Day.

Anne von Porat (media personality)

In a committed and convincing manner, Mikael writes about the importance of dealing with how you feel. By the use of illuminating examples and practical advice, he guides the reader through an abstract and elusive area with a steady hand. This is a book I would gladly recommend.

Katarina Vastamäki (author and publisher’s reader)

Really ten stars out five. Here is a writer who gives you every possibility to make every day the best day of your life. And, when you wake up the next day, it too will be the best day of your life. All of this by reading this book, which gives you all the aha moments you need. This book has been massively helpful to me and I think about quotes from it every single day!

Linda Sarajärvi (proof-reader, linguist and rent administrator)