Reach ambitious goals month after month
How do we sustain our motivation? How do we make sure that we are never satisfied? How do we inspire ourselves to overachieve?

Get even more out of your sales day
Without a loss in quality, some salespersons see more than twice as many customers than their colleagues. Through small tricks, we may increase efficiency in our workdays with 100%. Which methods and tools can we use to prevent dips in sales?

Positive thoughts attract positive results
Studies show that salespersons who are positive reach better results. Your thoughts influence both your results and your feelings, and it is a fact that you can choose your own thoughts. But how do you do that? How may we create more positive thought paths in our brains and thus perform even better?

Use your brain and sell more
There are many phenomena in the brain that we can benefit from when doing business. How do you release different substances in the brain that make your customers more cooperative and how do you increase your sales by using nothing but the power of the mind?

The lecture normally runs for about 1 ½ hours.