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What do successful people have in common?

  1. Research shows that this group of people have the kind of behavior and attitude on life that constantly rewards them with a positive experience. Some of the most dangerous traps for having negative thoughts are Mondays, rain, stress, rude people and being tired. Happy people instead focus their thoughts on what makes them feel good. Consider what kind of images you want to create in your brain: That Mondays are awful or how nice it will feel once Monday’s workday is over.
  2. Studies also show that the healthiest and happiest people in the whole world are those who dedicate themselves to their passions every day.


Loving yourself is the beginning of a life-long romance

There is a strong connection between your self-esteem and your conscience. If you do something that has a negative impact on someone else, you will often experience having a bad conscience and this lowers your self-esteem. If, conversely, you do something that has a positive effect on someone else, then you give your conscience a positive feeling, which, in turn, strengthens your self-esteem.

What this means is that if you hurt someone else, you hurt yourself, and if you are kind to someone else, you are also kind to yourself.

Consider the following! When you are kind to someone, this kindness tends to rub off on this person who, in turn, is kind to someone is his or her surroundings. Hence, your kindness will spread to far more people than the one you are kind to at the moment. Showing empathy, caring and doing good deeds is a splendid way of strengthen your own self-esteem. You do not need a reason for helping others – do so because you want to. To get started you may decide to do three good deeds a day for a whole week. Let someone ahead of you in line at the grocery store, give the little boy who does not have enough money to buy ice cream some change. Wait for the person behind you and hold the door for him, give someone an unexpected compliment or why not help someone out in traffic? Get out there and try it already today!

This is how you create a new habit!

Your habits are the routines that over the years have become a part of your life. They come about by a feeling, a thought or in a particular setting. All of our habits originate through repetition and eventually the brain’s muscle memory gets used to doing the habit automatically. You have not only taught the brain’s muscle memory to perform habits in your everyday life or at work, you have also taught your muscle memory to automatically invoke certain feelings and to think in certain patterns.

The good thing about the brain’s muscle memory is that we can choose to keep the habits that make us feel good and choose to get rid of the ones that make us feel worse.

As there is almost always a void when we break a bad habit, we need to break the bad habit by creating a good one.

For instance, you may replace smoking with going to the gym, an unhealthy diet with a healthy one, negative thoughts with positive ones, etc.

When you give the brain reverse competition, it becomes impossible for the brain to use its muscle memory to do the things it is used to doing. In this way, you outcompete your bad habits.

Control your thoughts!

Your thoughts control your feelings and if you can learn how to control your thoughts, you will thus be able to control your feelings!

If you allow yourself to focus your thoughts on things that have a negative impact on you, then you will also attract negative situations.

Everything starts in a thought and your life will subconsciously be steered in the same direction as your thoughts.

One way of steering your thoughts to focus on situations and events that give you positive feelings is to really look for things that make you happy. A good method for implementing this habit is to, at the end of your day, summarize what was good about it.

For you to make this summary of your day easier, you may prepare a couple of simple questions that really matter to you, like:


  1. What was the most beautiful thing I saw or experienced today?
  2. What was the funniest thing that happened today?
  3. What was the best thing that happened at work or in school?

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